Ford Vans. Commercial and recreational

The Birth Of The Ford Van , Commercial vehicle.

History of Ford vans are littered with great names, Ford Transit, Ford E series vans, Convair,   commercial vehicles and much more,

For decades man has wanted to move things  securely and covered. Man has wanted a extension to his work shop. MAN needed the VAN.


Firstly Ford Vans have changed just like any other automotive product through the ages. The Ford Transit for example.

Ford Germany decided that a covered  pick up type vehicle would be useful for the tight city motor lanes and streets decided to design the  FK 1000.. 1953 was the year and Germany needed  movable vehicles to cope with the rapid growth since the war in manufacturing and services.

The FK named after the plant Kohn and Ford (FK) carried up to 1000kg.,  Quite a load for the era. This evolved later into the Ford Taunus Transit in 1961 Production of this vehicle continued until 1965

Ford transit engine size

Ford transit connect 2010

Ford vans Recall

Ford Transit is No 1 

Ford Transit led the field for service vehicles. The humble postman, the bread man and many more found what a useful vehicle the transit was. To add to its glory durability and reliability was  the best the era offered and no manufacturer for many years in the Automotive business could go close to the Ford Transit vans of this time


Work or play the Ford Transit made its mark worldwide with sales figures  exceeding expectations in Australia, UK and Europe. 

The ford Transit Commercial vehicle was one of the great vans for sale. New or Used

The USA at this time had the E series van. This is not be confused with the Australian and Asian E series Van from 1989 - present that is a re badge of a  Mazda. 

Ford British Vans

The transit dominated the UK but what about the Ford Prefect panel van.

The 100E was created as part of the evolution of the model  in 1953.

This little beauty had a thrashing 1172 cc side valve engine equipped for any task. Interior was useful yet sparse . The feature of the day was a lockable glove compartment and 8 inch brakes. A heater was optional.

Top speed of this classic was 71 mph (114kph)

0-60mph  (97 kph)  in 32.2 seconds 

Mileage 33 MPG.